LoremBuilder 1.2

It offers you a simple way to add random texts to your empty layouts.

Lorem ipsum is a popular filler text that's mostly used by graphic designers and app developers to insert random content into empty layouts or presentations. By doing so, they help viewers stay focused on the graphic aspects of their work. LoremBuilder is a program that helps you fill those empty spaces with random texts.

The app sits on your Menu Bar from where you can select the profile you wish to use (one phrase, 2 paragraphs, etc.). You can also edit the stored random text samples by attaching code (for example, a tag that's being used to enter line breaks).

Another advantage is that you can add your own text to the app's menu. You can do that by going to the Preferences panel -> Sentences Editor. The app lets you add as many sentences as you like and remove the ones you no longer need.

Other than that, not much more can be said about this Mac utility. It does exactly what's being stated on the homepage of the developer.

LoremBuilder works flawlessly and sits quietly in the Menu Bar without using many CPU resources. Still, you can find easier solutions for pasting random text into empty layout. For instance, if you enter "lorem ipsum" in your default browser you will find many websites that generate random texts. So, it's up to you to decide if it's worth installing this free tool on your Mac or use your default browser to generate random texts.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Lets you choose from multiple text profiles
  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • Free


  • You can find many online solutions for generating random texts
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