Kairon 4.05

Kairon is a powerful tool for calculation of astrology related data.

Kairon is a powerful tool developed by Kilian Sternad and it is used for astrology calculation. It comes with an easy-to-use menu, but in order to use this tool properly, one must have at least basic knowledge regarding astrology. It allows the users to input a name and birth date for a person, and will automatically calculate the sign, ascendants and midheaven (important angle in birth chart, that is believed to provide valuable information about one's career, aspirations and status). The tool also offers valuable information about the time the sun and the moon rise or set. When the users want to see the actual interpretation of the birthday, they can choose between viewing Aspects or viewing Radix. Also, the tool allows the users to see how various houses interact, in order to see the match with another sign or ascendant. This feature-rich application uses various methods for interpretation, and lets the Mac users conduct the interpretation by choosing among Transits, Aspectfinder, Eclipsefinder, Harmonics and Progressions.

Briefly, Kairon is a powerful tool for providing astrological data and making astrology calculations, and the app uses various tools for data interpretation.

Dave Hattey
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  • Various methods for interpretation
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