iSpQ VideoChat 9.0

Create, access, and manage custom video chats.
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nanoCom Corporation

Work with an assistant for your webcam device. Establish a live feed interpreted for direct communication in a video chat. Create or join various chatrooms and interact with other users, issue permissions for transferring video and voice signals, and send and receive text messages.

iSpQ VideoChat is a great application that enables you to establish connection with other people over the Internet. The program provides different rooms where you can talk to different people. Some of these rooms are: main room, diamond room, ruby room, meeting room, friends and family, Dutch speaking room and others.

When you create your profile you are asked to select which room you want to use in order to chat, but after your profile is finished you are able to browse the other rooms as well. You are also asked about your location, age, gender, marital status and ethnicity, but no question is mandatory. This information appears on the profiles of all users of the program, so you are informed about the person you are chatting with. When you create your profile, you are also able to choose a profile picture.

When you start iSpQ VideoChat, you are able to choose to run the program automatically at the system startup.

With this application you are able to voice chat and video chat with friends and people from around the world with just a few clicks.

Therefore, iSpQ VideoChat is a great program that proves to be very helpful when you want to chat with different sorts of people.

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  • Provides many chat rooms
  • Provides profile details


  • You are not able to stop the broadcast of your webcam


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