Independence Live 3.2

INDEPENDENCE LIVE is your ultimate host application for Independence 3!
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Independence LIVE was specially designed for the use of Independence 3.0 during live performances "on stage". The user interface layout (dark background colors and light font colors) of Independence Live is extremely useful for the typical environment on rather dark stages. You can load an unlimited number of Independence Projects AND 3rd party VST effects & VST instruments into the "project channel" part of an Independence Live session and simply switch between these Projects in real-time - with the "program change" option even without using your computer keyboard or mouse! Additionally you can edit your Independence Projects even directly in Independence Live at any time: The bottom part of the user interface will switch to the Independence 3.0 software so you can immediately adjust and edit your instruments. The "remote control" feature of Independence Live lets you use any hardware controller with the 8 freely assignable knobs and buttons. To make your setup as easy and fast as possible you can use the "learn" option for the knobs and buttons. For immediate access to your automation settings you can save everything is so called "automation templates" and assign these tempaltes to any Project at any time. Independence Live lets you assign one general tempo for all currently loaded Projects or also to use the custom tempo settings of each Project individually.
- host application
- loads unlimited Independence 3 Projects
- loads 3rd party VST effects and VST instruments
- custom remote control with freely assignable knobs & buttons
- flexible audio and midi routing for most individual performances
- support of any hardware controller for use as remote control
- immediate Project switch for live perfomances
- adjustment of the automation range for any parameter value assigned to the remote control knobs
- exclusive part of the Independence Pro package

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