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An application that is designed for processing HTML forms.

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iForm is an application that is designed for processing HTML forms.
What the utility does basically is that it collects data out of forms submitted by an Internet browser. Then it emails the collected data while formatting templates are used to select recipients. The data is also saved as a text log file, which can be imported into a database if needed, since the log file is customizable. The projects included in the JumpStart tutorial can be installed upon choice at the same time with the installation of the utility. It is recommended to install the projects in order to learn how to handle the application. The application can execute AppleScript that is triggered by submitting forms. Users can build web based applications that can interact with other scriptable apps like Address Book or Mail. Form submissions can be processed, while response pages, log entries, error notifications and email messages are fully customized. It may take some time to get accustomed to the utility, but it provides useful functions.
In general, iForm is a utility for handling HTML forms, collecting form data from a web browser and emailing those data to recipients of choice.

Margie Smeer
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  • Several tools are available for learning to work with the utility (tutorial projects can be installed)
  • HTML forms can be processed with it


  • Learning to master the utility can be time consuming
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