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A simple to use maintenance and optimization tool for Mac OS X.
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IceClean is a maintenance and system optimization tool for Mac OS X. This tool allows you to get full reports on your system, clean cache, repair file permissions, clean log files, and much more. Most of the tasks are automated and can be run systematically. Keeping your system optimized has never been easier.

Mac OS X is the tenth version of the operating system for Macintosh personal computers. This version is a departure from the "classic" code for Apple's OS and it was written with UNIX at its core. This allows developers around the world to get access to the core processes of the system and create tools for maintenance and optimization. Since the operating system has so many different programs and tools built in, it is easy to assume that some of them would be overlooked and incomplete. Therefore, it is great when an external complete application is available at hand.

Mac OS X, like any other operating systems, does need optimization and maintenance from time to time. Consider you have deleted a couple of programs from your computer; however, your system may perhaps still hold some of the configuration files or may still execute some idle processes that weren't properly deleted and uselessly occupy your RAM memory. IceClean can help you identify those and get rid of them once and for all. On the other hand, since Mac OS was originally designed to include a perfect user interface, then it heavily relies on icons and other meta data. This program can clean caches of icons, making sure the system runs smoothly and does not display incorrect icons.

IceClean is a great source of information about your computer. Its detailed reports will show you everything about your computer without any hidden information. When I ran that report I was amazed by the amount of detail it gave me back. It even showed me what memory banks are used for my RAM memory and information about my DIMMs. In short, you get to profile your own computer, so you look smarter when you talk to your friends about it.

The program also includes various utilities to simplify and fine-tune some of the programs on your system. This program is definitely a keeper on my computer.

Joshua Wrightwood
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