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Organize your iTunes libraries by adequately tagging tracks.
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iBatch for iTunes can help you organize your iTunes library. In this respect, the application supports fixing wrong song tags and sorting tracks into collections. As its name suggests, it can save you a lot of time as you can modify tracks in batches instead of individually. For instance, you can use it to rename, modify, split or merge tags in groups.

Sometimes the track name includes additional information, like album title and artist name. In such case, iBatch for iTunes can automatically recognize and extract tags from the name. It is good news that the tagging process can be automated as the tool can connect to an online database to complete missing tags, even artwork. However, it lacks the sophistication I have seen in other similar applications, which support identifying the name of a song by actually recognizing its sound.

Other useful features are the possibility of purging your library of duplicate tracks, which supports eliminating the files with a lower sound quality. Likewise, it supports archiving the music you do not listen to very frequently so that your collection becomes easier to manage. Finally, you can use the tool to create backup copies of your music, to prevent possible data losses.

All in all, iBatch for iTunes is a good tool to help you find the music track you are looking for more easily, as it helps you avoid tagging problems. Honestly, though, you could find more sophisticated tools of the same type out there. Unfortunately, this product has not been updated in while, which is why some incompatibilities may come up if you are using a recent macOS version.

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Review summary


  • Streamlines your iTunes library
  • Supports batch processing
  • Can find info online automatically
  • Can create tags from track names
  • Allows finding duplicates
  • Creates backups of your collection
  • Archives tracks you do not listen to very often


  • Cannot identify a track by its sound



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