Export for iTunes

Export for iTunes 2.1

Export iTunes playlists to a local or external storage.

Export for iTunes is a Mac utility able to quickly export the playlists and tracks from users iTunes accounts to external storage. This is done through the app's functionalities that immediately detect the tracks, albums, and playlists from your iTunes and offer the possibility to export tracks either locally or externally.

As you start the application, you first notice its intuitive UI, very practical and easy to use by any type of user. The button icons are nicely crafted and very colorful, and memory usage is quite low.

The app let users add an image file with album artwork for every chosen album. One cool feature included in the app is the possibility of export tracks, albums and playlists to Excel, thus allowing users to create an excel file with detailed information. It also provides important data about tracks, such as Title, Artist, Time, Album, Genre, File path, Kind, or Bitrate.

It does worth mentioning that the app doesn't modify the iTunes library and it can't export or convert DRM protected files.

To conclude, Export for iTunes is a smart and useful tool for exporting music from iTunes library to a local folder or an external device. However, compared to alternatives, the price seems a bit expensive.

John Saunders
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  • Supports export to Excel
  • Provides track metadata
  • Has a low memory usage


  • Lacks DRM conversion
  • Seems expensive
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