HTTP Monitor 1.0

displays opening & serving latency of web servers
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The HTTP Monitor from Singlestep Technologies is a simple and easy to use monitoring device for determining the opening and serving latency of any web server with just two steps:
Type in the URL you want to monitor Enable the run button
The HTTP Monitor opens a TCP port and tracks the open, listen and close times. The results are displayed in an easy-to-read VU meter that visually tracks the actual opening and serving times against the threshold times you have set.
You can customize the HTTP Monitor by adjusting the default settings for:
Web server being monitored Opening time thresholds values Serving time thresholds values Testing intervals
You can extend the functionality of the HTTP Monitor by connecting the Standard Out to a VNOS Mail Sender or a VNOS TCP Port Widget for notification or restarting a server - both of which are included in an inventory of more than 34 programming blocks called Widgets. In addition, you can even post the latencies to a log file using the File Manipulator Widget.
The HTTP Monitor is built in VNOS, a visual programming platform for connecting data flows. Those flows can be from anything that you can talk to using serial, parallel, infrared, wireless, or Ethernet. A fully functional evaluation copy of VNOS is included.
About VNOS
VNOS is a visual, event-driven data-flow platform for connecting, simplifying and managing data, devices and applications on any network. The ability of VNOS to change the way people integrate and manage networks is found in the following key features of its patented architecture:
1. Interoperability between devices and applications. This allows control of and interaction between-- disparate networked devices and applications from any vendor.
2. Visual object orientation. This enables simple and speedy development of applications and graphical interfaces that you can use to interact with and orchestrate all of the information and settings in your system.
3. Efficient event based messaging. VNOS uses an event based notification model that sends precisely the information needed to accomplish a transaction.



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