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Free Text editor suited for screenplays, blog posts, school reports and outlines.
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Highland is a text editor primarily intended for writing screenplays. However, it can be used for more general purposes such as blog posts, school reports and outlines.
The idea behind the application was to create a tool that allows the user to concentrate on thoughts rather than formatting. In this sense, its interface fully complies with the original intention, as it is extremely minimalistic and elegant. Therefore, you do not feel overwhelmed by unnecessary ornaments. For example, you will not find the typical toolbar; instead, most of the window is dedicated to showing the text being edited. It is even possible to switch to full-screen mode, free from distractions.

The truth is that there is a reason that justifies the absence of formatting tools: Highland can format your document automatically. In this regard, the availability of multiple templates plays a key role. Luckily, you can toggle between the text and the document preview.

Fortunately, the application has multiple features aimed at increasing your productivity. For example, I find the ability to store small pieces of text that I can reuse when needed very convenient. I also like having a list of the files I have imported into the document, as well as notes and reminders, always at hand.

Likewise, to increase your productivity, you can use a feature called Sprints and Goals, which allows you to set goals related to the time allotted to write a particular text.

There are other features that are more geared towards collaboration. In this regard, you can share your notes and instructions with other writers or editors. It is also possible to track changes in the text.

Good news is that Highland can share files with other similar applications, for example, Fountain and Final Draft. What is more, the application allows exporting to such a widely used format as PDF. It is a pity that it does not allow saving files with other extensions (DOC and RTF).

All in all, Highland can increase the productivity of writers for whom creativity is essential, such as screenwriters and novelists. A free version of the product can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Although it can be used without time or length limitations and even allows you to save the document, it inserts a watermark on each page. Thus, to get rid of this inconvenience you may upgrade to Highland 2 Pro, via in-app purchases.

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  • Allows the user to focus on ideas instead of formatting
  • Multiple templates
  • Automatic formatting
  • Full-screen mode
  • Stores small text snippets that can be reused as needed
  • Saves a list of files imported into the document, as well as notes and reminders
  • Change tracking supported
  • Compatible with Fountain and Final Draft
  • Exports as PDF documents


  • Exporting to DOC or RTF not supported


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