HelpSupreme 1.2

Hated creating help files and manuals?
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BrainDistrict GmbH

Hated creating help files and manuals ? HelpSupreme is a full featured WYSIWYG Html and CSS based help file creator which allows you to create great looking, cross platform help files in a fun way. It natively exports to Html, Apple Help Book, Qt Help and PDF files.
* Easy WYSIWYG editing of Html. No need to learn Html to be able to create great content for your help files.
* A low level Html editor is now also included, useful for example for creating custom CSS tags in your html.
* Inbuild multi language support allows you to manage several languages within one project. You can switch between languages with one press of a button.
* Export directly to Html, Apple Help Book, Qt Help and PDF files
* Content of the help files is separated from their design, making it possible to easily change the look of pages or of entire projects with one click.
* CSS design templates are included for both desktop and CSS, so there is no need to learn CSS. New designs can of course be added and existing ones changed with an inbuild CSS editor.
* Support of navigational structures like subpage menus and a table of contents for Html export.

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