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Take down important pieces of information and keep them visible on the screen.
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Handy Notes can help you take down those short pieces of information you need for your daily work, like brief reminders or to-do lists. In this respect, the app creates notes that are quite like the sticky notes on your fridge or real desktop. One of its main advantages is that you can easily find specific notes thanks to its support of hashtags and filters.

It is good that there are various ways to create a new note. Thus, you can do so from the file menu or the status bar. However, my favorite way is using keyboard shortcuts, as there is even a global one you can use when the app’s window does not have the focus. Still, I would have liked to have the opportunity to start a new note via the desktop’s right-click menu. The notes support using enriched formatting, which lets you make given words stand out, for instance. Yet, they do not allow using any type of media, like pictures or sounds.

Although sticky notes are meant to be noticeable, it could happen that anyone sits in front of your computer and you do not want that person to pry on your private stuff. In such a case, you can easily hide all your notes with a single operation. Another possibility is to collapse those notes storing sensitive information, which can also help declutter your desktop a little.

Apart from being collapsible, your notes can be made less obtrusive by changing their opacity level so that you can still see whatever is below. Besides, you can adjust their type to meet your needs. In this regard, there are three possible types: normal, floating and desktop. Fortunately, you can use a color code for your notes as there are various themes available with the possibility to customize your own.

All in all, Handy Notes reaches a good balance between ease of use and number of features. Compared with the tools coming with your operating system, Handy Notes has more features than Stickies but is much simpler to use than TextEdit. It is good that the product is shareware, so it can be tried before deciding to purchase it or not.

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  • Various ways to create notes
  • Collapsible notes
  • Supports enriched formatting
  • Hides all notes in a single operation
  • Adjustable opacity level
  • Supports themes


  • Does not support attaching media contents


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