Guitar Shed

Guitar Shed 2.9

A set of tools for practicing and improving guitar skills.

Play your guitar and analyze your technique and speed, tune the instrument, create tablatures, etc. Access the built-in metronome, control multi-instrument and multi-user audio recording, manage data from the chord dictionary, etc. View activity logs.

very guitarist has a variety of practice tools they like to use. Whether it's a metronome, tuner, tablature book, other artist's music to play along to, chord dictionary...
Wouldn't it be great if you could take all of those tools, smash them into a tiny box, and take them with you anywhere? Imagine having all of this, and much more available whenever you need it. In your home, studio, on-the-road, stage, garage - That's where Guitar Shed fits in.

Professionals, hobbyists, beginners, and everyone in-between...Guitar Shed can help improve your skills as a guitarist, save tons of time getting in perfect tune, learn chords, and so much more. Whether you're just learning to play guitar, or have been playing for years; this is the only software suite you'll need.

Guitar Shed has all of these awesome music tools (and tons more), packed with options and presets to give you everything you crave - All in a single program that runs on both Macintosh OS X and Windows computers!

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