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Increase your productivity by arranging opened windows conveniently.
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Gridsutra can increase your productivity by allowing to arrange the windows opened on your Mac in the most convenient way. Thus, it helps you working on various simultaneous tasks, without needing to switch from one window to another. Even though the application is extremely easy to use, it is excellent that it comes with a very instructive tour.

Gridsutra will not stay on your way while you are working as it runs hidden in the menu bar. It supports using both keyboard and mouse methods, which may suit all users’ preferences. By clicking on its icon, you get a sort of quick menu from which you can pick the desired screen position for the active window. Likewise, it is possible to assign hotkey combinations to do the same.

Moreover, there is a feature called Launcher, which also lets you arrange opened windows. It also supports using either the mouse or the keyboard. So, using either method, there are two steps to follow: first, you should select the desired window and, then, one of the available screen positions. However, it comes with the possibility of creating a customized position, which is, unfortunately, limited to only one extra preset.

Regrettably, this tool has some flaws that do not make it less valuable. For instance, the Launcher still opens when no window is opened, which leads to a dead end. Likewise, it would be good to have a preview of the future window arrangement, including already occupied space.

In general, Gridsutra solves the problem of arranging windows more conveniently. It is also very easy to use and does not interfere with your work. There are some applications with similar purposes and characteristics, so it is a good idea to try a few before sticking to one. Luckily, Gridsutra can be tested at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports keyboard and mouse methods
  • Allows creating a customized preset
  • Does not interfere with your work


  • Opening the Launcher with no opened windows leads to a dead end
  • Creates only one extra preset
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