Free Collects original data from scanned graphs and imagery.
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Retrieve the original (x,y)-data from a scanned graph, chart or movie. Access the image in the extraction module and process data from common formats, including QuickTime media ones. Detect solid, dotted or dashed curves, symbols, bar charts or perimeters of areas.

GraphClick is a graph digitizer software which allows to automatically retrieve the original (x, y)-data from the image of a scanned graph or from a QuickTime movie. You have the picture of a graph but not the corresponding data? You want to retrieve the trajectory of an object from a QuickTime movie? GraphClick is then simply the best way to solve the problem! You just have to click on the image and the obtained coordinates of the points can be directly exported into any other application. The idea is very simple, but its usefulness is likely to become essential. Automatic dectection of curves (solid, dotted or dashed), symbols, bar charts or perimeters of areas Almost all file formats recognized (PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, Photoshop, etc.) Frame-by-frame digitization of QuickTime movies Image modification for adjustment (edge detection, blur, sharpen, etc.) Can handle arbitrarily deformed axis systems, and two ordinate axes Linear, logarithmic or inverse scales Error bars Several data set in the same document Unlimited undo And much more!

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Great program!

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