MacSpice 3.1

Analyze the performance of electronic circuits.
Access a Berkeley Spice 3f5 simulator for electronics. Create or open an existing template to view a circuit conforming to various specifications required for analysis. Check descriptions, adjust the input during creation, edit text data, extract settings, etc.

MacSpice allows users to simulate and analyze the behavior of electronic circuits. The application may put off most users because of its command-line interface, but for those willing to give the user guide a read, MacSpice has in store an impressive amount of features, making it one of the most powerful circuit simulators for Mac platform.

With this tool you will be able to load circuit files (*.cir, *.src), display the list of output-vectors and plot results. MacSpice performs DC, AC small-signal, transient, pole-zero, small-signal, sensitivity and noise types of analysis. By default, the temperature value is 27 degrees Celsius but may be changed for any circuit device that supports it.

From the command-line interface, users can input different parameters for testing various simulation scenarios.

MacSpice is thoroughly documented and includes a few examples as well that illustrate how some of its best features are put to use. I found that blindly rushing into MacSpice can be a bit of challenge but that is something anyone used to graphical user interfaces can expect.

Rory Shaffer
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  • AC, DC, noise analysis
  • Support for multiple circuit elements
  • Variable temperature analysis


  • Command-line interface
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