NetLogo 6.0

NetLogo is a flexible modeling simulation application.
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If you are looking for a flexible and feature-rich model simulation application, then you will appreciate the NetLogo program.
The handy NetLogo application is a 3D capable simulation program especially designed to simulate natural and social phenomena. Due to its highly customizable and flexible set of tools the NetLogo utility is highly useful to simulate complex behavior interactions between individuals in order to obtain an accurate macro-level perspective. This convenient piece of software is equally useful in the education environment as well as research.

Thanks to the compact, clean and user-friendly interface, this application can be used effectively by proficient and beginner users alike. You will be able to quickly create customized models directly from the program interface (model interface design, model info and model code). You are allowed to drag and drop buttons, graphs, text and many more elements to the simulation model. The "Info" tab allows you to easily create a text description for the model (project). The "Code" menu will allow you to insert the programming parameters and language of the model.

In conclusion, NetLogo is a flexible and complex social-behavior simulation application with 3D representation capabilities.

Mario Procione
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