Googaby 2.2

Googaby is a collection of enhancements to Address Book.
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Steve Cronin

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Googaby is a collection of enhancements to Address Book.

Main Features:

- Browser
Innovative “magnetic” column alignment
Icons for gender, Facebook, and LInkedIn
Customizable font size, and row height
Customizable table columns
Drag selection directly into spreadsheets, text files, or onto Finder locations as vCards

- Built in Tools for improving or repairing your contact data
Remove Duplicated Email, Phone, Postal attributes
Switch data between any two fields
Find duplicates by Name, Email, Phone, or street address
Change case (upper, lower, capitalized)
On-board US city and zip code validation and lookup
Designate the primary phone or email address

- Find and Replace
Make bulk changes on multiple contacts
Case-sensitive options

- Language Support
Adapts to user’s language
Full control over all terminology

- Facebook and LinkedIn Integration
Matches friends and connections with current contacts
Built-in filters for both “in” and “not in”

- Gender Support
Over 2,000 names built-in and user extensible
Automatic gender analysis

- Robust Set Operations
Union or Intersect operators
Over 35 built-in filters - all fully supported in set operations

- Clone Contact
Basic data plus work phone, email, and postal address

- Customizable vCard
Full control over what data you want to share, including notes and pictures

- Email-Merge
Use templates to easily create ‘canned’ emails

- Print-Merge
Works with Apple’s Page
Sample document supplied
Full access to all contact fields

- AppleScript
Built-in support for AppleScript
Easily extensible for your needs
Sample heavily commented script supplied

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