Gitpilot 0.9

Real-time collaboration, project management, and Git made simple.
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Gitpilot LLC

Track and monitor each member of your team. Gitpilot allows you to see what other developers on your team are working on, assign improvements to them, and even promote friendly competition.
Create simple and easy to manage improvements for your project. By iterating in small steps, Gitpilot allows you use any agile methodology (scrum, xp, kanban) and adapt to different specifications.

Let Gitpilot take charge of your git repository. Similar to git-flow, Gitpilot automatically initializes your repository, creates branches paired with your improvements, and synchronizes (push/pull) with git remotes.

Gitpilot allows you to release quickly, and release often. Any improvements finished in your develop bin will get automatically merged into your production branch and tagged.

By removing the complicated task of using git with your projects, collaborating in real-time, and a visualizing your workflow, Gitpilot allows you to focus on your development and increase your productivity.

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