GitKraken 7.1

A Git client to manage, clone and create repositories.

GitKraken is a Git client that allows managing, cloning and creating repositories as well as sharing code. It inherits its benefits from Git, a powerful version control system that manages and stores revisions of projects. In this respect, it can perfectly integrate with various Git repository hosting services, like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure DevOps, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab Self-Hosted and Bitbucket Server.

The application has a nice modern interface with various panels where you can browse and inspect your projects’ assets. Fortunately, there are various aspects you can customize according to your preferences, for instance, switching the default dark theme for a brighter one. Luckily, there is an intro video to get you started.

The client makes it extremely easy to create or clone a repository. Similarly, the most frequently used operations, such as pull, push, branch, stash and commit, are ready available from the contextual menu. It even supports drag-and-drop operations, just like you use a file manager. Once you connect to one of the supported services, you can do any of the possible operations. In this regard, the tool supports cloning and forking repositories.

One of the nicest things about GitKraken is timelines. They let you schedule actions, make annotations and plan milestones. Moreover, the elements in the timeline can be shared with other members of your team. Another of my favorites is Glo, which is intended to host issue boards, which are accessible by all the project’s participants and update in real time.

GitKraken is developed on Electron, which is good because it makes it cross-platform. However, it has the inconvenience of using a lot of RAM, with a negative impact on working with large repositories. Sadly, the tool has been reported to crash at times, mostly when loading large amounts of data.

All in all, GitKraken helps developers managing their repositories and working collaboratively with other peers. Fortunately, the basic features of this product are available at no cost. However, there are also features, like email support and merge conflict editor, which are only available if you purchase the Individual, Pro or Teams editions.

Pedro Castro
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  • Integrates with various Git repository hosting services
  • Supports most common Git operations
  • Allows creating a project timeline
  • Lets you keep track of issues


  • Inefficient memory usage
  • May crash when working with large repositories
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