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Manage several database connections and execute SQL scripts.
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DBeaver is intended to manage database connections. Therefore, it is developers and database administrators who can benefit the most from this application. It supports practically any database type, including but not limited to MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Phoenix, Microsoft Access and IBM DB2.

The tool has a nice tabbed interface, which allows you to work on various projects simultaneously. However, so many options may at times become overwhelming, which can be avoided by consulting any of the multiple help resources available.

To create a new connection, you need to pick the desired database and provide its authentication data, if it is necessary. It may happen that the program needs to download specific drivers for the intended database type. Luckily, you can create various connections, which appear as a tree on the left panel. Thus, it is quite easy to explore database components, such as tables.

DBeaver has a built-in SQL editor, which allows you to compose queries and scripts. In this respect, the availability of syntax highlighting contributes to minimizing errors as well as facilitates editing code. Likewise, the editor lets you load existing scripts to analyze and execute them.

Although the tool can handle multiple simultaneous connections in different tabs reasonably fast, it works best with small databases, as it has been reported to crash when the workload is extremely high. It is also a shame that it does not support NoSQL databases.

To conclude, DBeaver is widely used because of its many benefits, which include the possibility to manage several database connections and execute SQL scripts. In this respect, its being absolutely free is something not to take for granted.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple database type
  • Powerful built-in SQL editor with syntax highlighting


  • Works best with small databases
  • Supports SQL-supported databases only
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