Cornerstone 4.0

The ultimate Subversion app. Only for OS X. Cornerstone is a version control...
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Cornerstone allows you to take control of Subversion with a client application that was specifically designed for Mac users. Cornerstone integrates all of the features you need to interact with your repository and does so in an elegant and easy-to-use fashion.
Whether you're new to versioning or a Subversion expert, Cornerstone will help streamline your workflow and make version control more transparent.
- Combines the elegance of the Mac with the power of Subversion.
- Perfect companion to Xcode, BBEdit, TextMate, Coda, etc.
- Use Subversion without having to install it on 10.4 Tiger.
- All-in-one UI mode optimized for use on laptops and other small displays.
- Multiple-window UI mode optimized for use on desktop systems with large (or even multiple) displays.
- And much much more. The trial version will expire after 14 days. A single-user license costs $59.99 and may be used by a single individual on up to 2 computers.

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