Get Lyrical

Get Lyrical 3.8

This program adds lyrics to songs being played within iTunes app.

Get Lyrical is a program designed to help you find and add lyrics to the songs being played within the iTunes application. This application comes in handy whenever you wish to throw a karaoke party with your friends, and you need to fetch or edit the lyrics of your iTunes tracks.

As soon as you start playing a track in iTunes, you can select the Tag Current option from the Get Lyrical's main window and the tool immediately shows the correspondent lyrics. You can alter their content or re-write them from scratch if you want to.

Another good thing about this application is that it can automatically search and add lyrics for songs being played within iTunes. All you need to do is to select the Active Tagging option from the app's interface and the tool will do the rest.

The only disadvantage I can find is the fact that it sometimes fails to find song lyrics, even for popular tracks (for example, Marvin Gaye tunes). However, this unfortunate event rarely occurs.

To sum things up, Get Lyrical is a simple and helpful app that offers an easy way to add lyrics to tracks being played in iTunes. This program brings a straightforward interface, immediately finds the song lyrics you require, and comes without a price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Communicates well with iTunes app
  • Immediately reveals the song lyrics
  • You can edit the found lyrics according to your needs


  • Sometimes fails to reveal the lyrics for songs being played within iTunes
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