Fury - Pandora Menu Bar

Fury - Pandora Menu Bar 1.3

Pandora in your menu bar. Growl notifications. Awesome!
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Pandora in your menu bar. Growl notifications. Awesome!
Fury is a simple utility that runs Pandora in its own mini-browser. Most importantly, though, it lets you load stations, skip and rate songs, and see what's currently playing, all from the menu bar. It also provides Growl notifications when songs change or you rate one up or down.
- Growl notifications (with or without Growl installed).
- Media keys on Apple keyboards.
- Global keyboard shortcuts.
- Apple remote.
- Supports both free and paid Pandora accounts.
How to use:
1. Launch Fury.
2. Log into Pandora using Fury's mini-browser.
3. Close mini-browser and operate Pandora from the menu bar.
Fury will automatically log you in and remember your last station and song the next time you launch it. Your station list and sorting preferences can be managed in the mini-browser and Fury will notice any changes you make.
Note: The Fury mini-browser must be the main active window to use the Apple remote. This allows Fury to share the remote with other applications when Fury is not active.

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