Fontographer 5.2

Create, edit, manage, and check various fonts.
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5.2.3 (See all)
Access and modify high-quality typefaces compatible with multiple operating systems. Open a font configuration profile and check the content visuals, and parameters of an existing font. Import new variations or fine-tune existing items by changing spacing, size, etc.

With Fontographer 5, it's easy to design new typefaces and to customize existing fonts, and the result will be high-quality fonts that can reliably work across different operating systems. Create new fonts Customize existing fonts, add extra characters Fine-tune spacing and kerning Fix problems in bad fonts Convert old fonts to a new format Main Features Open and generate Type 1, TrueType, OpenType, Type 3 and Multiple Master fonts Exchange working files with FontLab Studio, TypeTool or ScanFont using the FontLab VFB format Copy-paste or import outline artwork or bitmap images (with customizable autotracing) View all of your font's characters in the Font Window Examine or modify the font encoding Design or change any character in the Glyph Window Edit metrics and kerning in the Metrics Window Easily set up and modify technical font parameters, font naming and linespacing settings in a comprehensive Font Info dialog Automatically improve the font's screen quality using sophisticated autohinting algorithms

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