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FOCUS on your words and only your words.No windows, pages, header, graphics, etc.
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FocusWrite allows you to FOCUS on your words and only your words.No windows, pages, header, graphics, etc. to distract you.Show word count, document name and menu bar only if needed.Set up the colors that please your eyes... and WRITE.
- Don't worry: autosave is there in case of crash or power outage.
- Speed! FocusWrite launches instantly, and remains responsive even while editing long documents.
- Save your documents in .rtf, .doc, .docx or .odt format, so that you can share them and open them with nearly any word processor or page layout software.
- Words and characters count.
- Toggle invisible characters.
- Toggle color mode: use natural colors of your document, or override them with a configurable color set.
- Care for your neck: let FocusWrite center vertically the typing line, and avoid having to type at the bottom of your screen (i.e. "typewriter scrolling").
- Only the options you need: no complex preferences to go through, no lengthy menus. Simple, functional, trustable software: don't tweak it, use it!
- All the bells and whistles of OS X text system are there: multilingual grammar and spell checking, smart links, smart hyphens, smart quotes, text replacement, hyphenation, right-to-left language support...
- Optional non-blinking cursor, for even less distraction.
- Always up to date: updates by Sparkle.LOCALIZATIONS
- FocusWrite interface and built-in user manual are currently localized in English, French and Spanish.

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