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Free Binds the pomodoro technique to the noise blocking functionality.
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Focusito is an application that binds the pomodoro technique to the noise blocking functionality. This way, you will be able to work productively, undisturbed by the noise around you, and focused on work sessions that alternate with break times.

The two functionalities are gathered conveniently on the same main window. Therefore, you can easily pick up your favorite background sound from the available profiles. They imitate monotone nature sounds meant to fade away external noise. Also, you have the option to select a binaural rhythm with customizable volume and sound tone, which will help you concentrate better on your activity. Having the disruptive sounds masked, it is advisable to enable work sessions so you can focus better on what you must accomplish.

The default time for a session is 25 minutes, yet you can diminish or increase it easily simply by pressing the arrows. The work sessions must alternate with breaks for relaxation, so your brain can rest and be ready for the next activity on which you need to focus. Unfortunately, you aren't notified by any means when the work session ends and the break time starts. You have to look at the countdown all the time to act accordingly, which is rather uncomfortable.

In short, Focusito comes with a convenient solution to make you work efficiently and prevent you from getting tired or losing focus. Combining the pomodoro technique with the beneficial effects of listening to white noise can be the perfect way to remain productive and, last but not least, healthy.

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Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Combines the pomodoro technique with a noise blocking facility
  • Provides binaural and nature sounds profiles
  • Configure work sessions easily and set break times
  • Prevents from losing focus from work


  • Doesn't notify you when a work session ends



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