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A simple tool designed to keep you focused on the task at hand.
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Focusbar is a handy piece of software that will increase users’ productivity by constantly reminding them about the tasks that need to be accomplished. It proves to be a useful solution for those who need to remain focused while working on their projects.

The application is designed to remind users about the task at hand straight on the desktop, while residing in the menubar. What's more, it is completely free.

Using this tool is quite straightforward; simply click on the menubar icon to create a new activity. It will then remind you that in intervals of time the task depends on the annoyance level setting (mid, high, wild).

What makes Focusbar quite efficient is that it will popup its reminder on top of each new window you open; this means that if you neglect your work in favor of your Facebook account or procrastinating sites, Focusbar will be quick to remind about more pressing duties.

Optionally, users may select the position on the screen where the reminder will popup: top, left, right or bottom.

Therefore, Focubar has a gentle fade effect to mark the transition of its reminder making it an attractive solution for anyone looking to enhance its work productivity.

Rory Shaffer
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