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Coppertino Inc.

This tool allows you to see the frontmost application as an icon in a floating window. This saves you time as you do not need to browse through the menu to figure out if you can continue working with this program or you have to switch to another one.

At first, the purpose of this tool seems to be useless, but once you've read more about it and used it, only then you see its value. You know when you are in your working mood and go from one application to another to another, once in a while you close the main window but the program stays running. In order not to waste a minute on investigating what program is open, you glance over to Focus' icon and see the program that is in focus - then you quickly press a combination of buttons to continue working with the program or close it. Yes, it only saves you a couple of seconds, but in the course of time, it will save you minutes of your valuable time.

The program is very small and very customizable. You can place it anywhere on the screen. The main icon window will show you the icon of the program that is in focus and can also show you the current time in digital or analog form.

Most people will not find this program useful, but those who work with many applications at a fast pace will find this tool very valuable to them.

JW Senior editor
Joshua Wrightwood
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