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Flv Crunch is a simple video converter with great support.
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Flv Crunch is an easy-to-use video converter developed by ProgrammingKid. It has a user-friendly interface, with a simple menu that will grant the users quick access to all of the program's features. This simple application supports a great deal of video and audio file formats (FLV, MP3, AAC, MKV, .mov, and many other), while it provides support for a wide variety of devices (iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PDA).

The tool comes with the same customizing options you get on any converter (bitrate, resolution, frames per second), but also allows the users to use some extra options, like changing the sound from mono to stereo and others. What makes this application different from other similar ones is the fact that you are allowed to input a list of "to be converted' files; this will create an order in which the files to be converted will follow one another, unlike most of the applications where you have to manually add another file to be converted only after the previous one is done.

All in all, it is safe to say the Flv Crunch is a free and simple converter that has a high applicability due to the fact that it provides great support for any video files and devices.

Dave Hattey
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  • Easy-to-use menu
  • Alarm when done converting
  • Great support


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