Fluid gives your favorite Web apps a home on your Mac OS X Desktop.
The product is discontinued by the developer but available on Mac Informer

Fluid allows you to cut down on the number of tabs you open in your browser at the same time by converting those tabs into stand-alone applications that reside in your Dock. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Facebook application that lets you see how many unread messages you got in your mailbox? Now you can, with Fluid.

There is no installation dialog for this application. The unpacked item should be manually placed by you in your applications folder, unless you like the location where it was unpacked to.

Upon running the application, you are presented with a window. You are asked to put a web address and it's name into the appropriate boxes. You also get to choose the new program's icon. It will show up in the Dock, so be careful what you are selecting. The program is quite smart as it can assign a cute Facebook icon for your Facebook page and a cute Twitter icon for Twitter page and so on.

All what the program does is open a Safari window without all those unnecessary service buttons and menus which a regular browser window has. A simple clean window with just, let's say, Facebook in it. The beauty is that the window can only have one page open at a time and that it has an icon that sits in your Dock; and that icon can receive system calls, so you will know the exact number of unread messages in your Facebook's mailbox by just looking at your dock.

The downside of the program is that it only works with Safari. I couldn't find an option to be able to change it to use Chrome. From what I read, even the paid version does not let you choose the browser you wish your page to open with. My default browser on my system is Chrome, by the way. But there is a chance that I am doing something wrong or there is a chance that it is a bug that wasn't worked out in the latest version of the program.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • No installation dialog


  • Supports Safari only
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