SeaMonkey 2.53

A web browser with the same rendering engine as Firefox.
A web browser with the same base code as Firefox that comes with e-mail features, including support for multiple accounts, junk mail control, a reader for RSS and Atom feeds, and address books. View all your documents and website projects, resize tables, insert and delete table cells with the the browser's Composer tool.

SeaMonkey is a web browser created by Mozilla Foundation for power users who wish to have access to advanced features while browsing the web. Besides getting you access to the characteristics you get from apps like Firefox or Safari, this utility also enables you to quickly send emails, keep track of the latest news, and use various built-in web development tools.

The application comes as an alternative to using Mac's default tool (Safari) for browsing the web, managing bookmarks, and downloading data from the Internet. Even though its interface is intuitive, I still don't think a beginner computer user would need this tool for basic browsing tasks. It features many built-in tools that might come in handy only to power users, like the web developments utilities.

SeaMonkey also provides you with cookie and popup managers, helps you store all of your account passwords in one place, read the latest news, and so much more.

In my testing, the program worked flawlessly. All of its built-in tools can easily be found in the main menu of the app and you get access to a wide variety of useful settings to help you improve your browsing experience.

With that being said, you should download and install this program if you're looking for an advanced web browser for your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Comes with a built-in news reader
  • Provides you with a quick way to send emails
  • Offers you various web development tools


  • Not suitable for beginner users
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