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Chromium is a web browser, but is also part of a larger open-source project that provides the base code for several browsers. Just like many other similar apps, Chromium is fast, reliable and minimalistic.

This browser has a tabbed interface, which means you can open several web pages simultaneously. Still, this may consume too much RAM and processor power. Luckily, you will not find unnecessary elements, so you can use most of the screen space to visualize the desired web contents.

Good news there is a powerful engine, called Blink, working from "under the hood". In this respect, it supports efficiently and accurately rendering web pages and other content types. Moreover, Chromium supports adding new features via extensions. Fortunately, there is a large community of developers devoted to this purpose. Regretfully, it has some limitations as to playing some kinds of video.

Finally, it is good that you can use your Google account to synchronize data across different devices. Likewise, it uses Google services to fix mistyped addresses and prevent phishing. However, unfortunately, Chromium does not support usage tracking,

All in all, Chromium is an excellent choice among so many web browsers available out there. However, you should first consider other options depending on your Internet usage priorities. As said, the tool is open source and, therefore, available for free.

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  • Tabbed navigation
  • Fast and accurate page rendering
  • Supports extensions
  • Allows syncing across devices
  • Minimalistic interface


  • Does not support some video types
  • Does not support usage tracking
  • Multiple simultaneous tabs may use excessive system resources


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