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A Chromium-based Internet browser with some unique features.
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Citrio is a Chromium-based Internet browser and, as such, it has many advantages. In this regard, it allows surfing the net with speed and excellent performance. Besides, this browser does not collect any type of personal information, so your privacy is not threatened.

In terms of visual design, Citrio is not very different from other Chromium-based browsers. The beauty of its interface comes precisely from its being extremely minimalistic. So, there is nothing that distracts you from your web navigation. As all modern browsers, it allows opening multiple simultaneous tabs to browse different sites.

As to security, apart from its respect for your privacy, Citrio comes with various features intended to keep you safe from intruders. For instance, it has built-in protection against common malware and phishing. Besides, the browser also comes with an ad-blocker, which allows you to surf without interruptions and speeds up your navigation.

Just like many other browsers, Citrio has a built-in download manager, which promises to speed up your downloads up to 5 times. It supports accessing the downloaded files more easily without needing to browse the file system. Also in relation to data transfers, this browser helps you download and manage torrents without needing a third-party application.

There are many video downloaders out there and some of them are available as extensions for many browsers; yet, Citrio has the advantage of coming with one of them. In this respect, the built-in video grabber fortunately works with most popular video-sharing sites.

Many users find it annoying that most Chromium-based browsers do not allow to set a specific proxy and they use the global proxy instead. So, you will probably be glad to hear that Citrio comes with a proxy widget, designed to allow fast proxy switching.

Citrio certainly has many more features than those I could mention in a short review. Luckily, it supports adding extensions for extended functionality. Unfortunately, its respect for your privacy comes with a price in terms of synchronization of browsing data, passwords and bookmarks.

All in all, Citrio is just another Chromium-based browser. Needless to say, all of the members of its family are fast, reliable, efficient and stable. Therefore, you should consider the specific benefits they have to offer before deciding to use any of them.

Pedro Castro
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  • Fast, reliable, efficient and stable
  • Built-in torrent manager
  • Built-in video downloader
  • Does not threaten your privacy
  • Supports extensions
  • Multi-tabbed browser


  • Not very good at synchronizing browsing data
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