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Turn PDF documents into HTML5 flipbooks in various formats.
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FlipCreator is mainly intended to turn PDF documents into a kind of online publications called flipbooks. It has the main advantage of creating HTML5 publications, which makes them viewable on any modern browser, without needing to install Flash extensions.

The program has a straightforward interface, in which the most frequently used features are easily accessible from the toolbar. The workflow starts when you import an existing PDF file. Then, you can start enriching it with other elements, such as audio, video and pictures. In this regard, the tool supports inserting Flash animations as well as local movie files. What is more, it lets you use streaming video contents. It is great that you can also add interactivity to your flipbook in the form of buttons, galleries and slideshows.

There are other features of FlipCreator that deserve attention. For instance, you can create a table of contents manually or automatically by importing the bookmarks in the source PDF. In addition, you can use realistic bookmarks and sticky notes to guide your readers. Besides, it is allowed to highlight important words or set links to other pages.

Before publishing your work, you can preview the results. Fortunately, the tool supports exporting in two popular eBook formats: ePub and Mobi, which makes them readable on a wide range of devices and programs. Not only that, you can save your documents as PDF. Moreover, provided you install another program, you can convert the eBook into an app that your intended readers can install on their smartphones.

Besides, there is the possibility to upload them to the desired website via FTP. The resulting publications look quite realistic, particularly the way you can turn the pages as if it were a paper book.

All in all, FlipCreator is a great tool for those who want to reach wider reading audiences. More than just traditional books, the program lets you create hypermedia publications, with all the benefits that in terms of communication they entail. Unluckily, you must pay a monthly rate to continue using the product, which may turn out a little pricey.

Pedro Castro
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  • Completely HTML5-based publications
  • Supports multimedia elements
  • Allows creating bookmarks, table of contents, links and sticky notes
  • Exports to various popular formats
  • Uploads eBooks to websites via FTP
  • Supports password-based protection


  • May be somewhat pricey
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