Fix-It-Up - World Tour 1.0

Kate, the owner of car-repair shops all over U.S.A., is faced with a challenge.
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Fix-It-Up - World Tour is a strategy game in which you have to manage a car repair shop. This game is the sequel to Fix-It-Up: Kate's Adventure. This is one of those time-management games in which you have to carry out as many tasks as you can as fast as you can. The story of the game revolves around Kate, Steve and Martin. Kate started the chain of car repair shops, and at the beginning of this game, she travels to Phoenix to buy a new repair shop. She leaves you, Steve, and Martin, in charge of the shop while she is a way. You and Martin are both in love with Kate and constantly compete for her attention.

The gameplay is quite simply. You buy, repair, paint, clean and sell cars for a profit. So, you have to find cheap cars to buy, so you can fix them up and sell them. The cars that you can buy stop next to the shop, and the price at which they are sold will show up when you click on the cars. You can buy a car or refuse the seller's offer. Once you've bought a car, you drag it to the repair station to fix it, then you clean it and optionally paint it, and then put it up for sale. A client will give you an offer for the car, which you can also take or dismiss. To fix the cars you need spare parts, which you can buy in different increments (100, 500, or more at a time; the more you buy, the cheaper each part is).

I played the first few levels and I liked the game. Each level had something new. First it was cleaning the cars, then painting them, and lastly I saw different car models. In short, this is a fun game to play and the trial version lets you see what the game looks like before you have to buy.

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José Fernández
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