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Finan% quickly calculates key figures of 10 common operations of deposit and loan.
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Finan% quickly calculates key figures of 10 common operations of deposit and loan.
Very easy to use: Select the operation to calculate and begin entering the data you know. When possible, Finan% will complete automatically the rest, or will let you know the reason why it is not possible to calculate.
Find out the interest rate of an operation (annual effective, annual nominal or effective per period of less than one year), or the equivalent between them, as well as the annual effective interest rate on a loan with initial charges.
Possible financial operations:
 • Deposit in account under simple or compound interest rate with interest collection at the end of the operation.
 • Deposit in account with periodic interest collections.
 • Capital formation by means of the periodic deposit of a constant amount *.
 • Constitution of a constant periodic income (rent) by means of the deposit of a capital *.
 • Loan under simple or compound interest rate with payment of interest at the end of the operation.
 • Interest-Only loan with a repayment.
 • Loan with constant quota (French Method - typical in mortgage and consumer loans) *.
 • Loan with constant amortization (decreasing quota - a constant part of the loan is repaid with each quota) *.
 * These models dispose of a capital formation, collections or repayment table.
Every model offers a textual and a graphic description of the operation, that can help to understand it better.
Additional information:
 • Minimum amount: 0.01.
 • Maximum amounts: 1,000 or 2,000 millions, depending on the concept.
 • The duration of the operation can be expressed in days, months, quarters, forth-month periods, semesters or years and cannot exceed 1,200 periods.
 • The effective annual interest rate should be between 0.01% and 100%.
The results obtained with Finan% are not intended to be used as a criterion in making financial or investment decisions.

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