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Free Utility to search for and list files with many options for saving as a list
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File Lister is a simple utility used for listing files. It has options for excluding and matching files not found in Sherlock or other search applications. File Lister could be used as a search utility, though it's main purpose is to return and save a list of files. Lists can be saved as text or html files. Saved text file lists can be re-opened by File Lister. Saving as html is best for printing or web implementation. The html generator uses style-sheets, which make page loading faster for large lists. If the list is saved as html you have the option to link each file name to it's path on your system. This makes all of the listed files accessible from a single page (good for an mp3 list or documents; note that long file names are not supported in IE). Other html options include: table border, cellspacing, cellpadding, html title, font, text size, text color, link color, active link color, visited link color and hover link color.

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