Evil House 2

You will play as Miranda in Evil House 2 - a survival horror game.
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You will play as Miranda in Evil House 2 - a survival horror game. A female detective named Miranda is on her business trip out of town, and she makes a stop in an eerie village. There is no single residence's house except for one mysterious old uninhabited house. Legend has it that there used to be violence and man slaughter occurring in this house, that it is now haunted. Everyone trying to enter the house always ends up killed. Miranda gathers all her courage to enter the house, and reveal the evil and cruelty that took place. Will she make it out alive? You will play as Miranda in this survival horror game. Help her to destroy all the devils and to exit from the haunted house alive by exploring an eerie village, mysterious old uninhabited house, fatal underground rooms in the midnight and kill many dangerous creatures over there. Story, levels, challenges, and surprises than ever. Visual effect, animated characters and environment. Many different enemies, varied environments and huge world to explore. Cool game music and sound effects. Full screen and window modes. You can use mouse, trackpad, and/or keyboard to play the game.



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