Endurance 3.2

Extends the time you can use your computer on battery power.
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Endurance is intended to prolong the time you can use your computer on battery power. In this respect, the app can automatically set your system to save power in certain circumstances. It runs unobtrusively from the Menu Bar, from where you can access a menu with most of its functions. Fortunately, the latest versions of this product also show the current battery percentage in the icon there as well.

There are various ways in which you can start the Save Power mode. First, you can start saving energy at any time by simply activating the option. Second, the application can detect that the current battery percentage is below the recommended and ask if you want to switch to Save Power mode. Finally, it is also possible to let the tool do this completely automatically. Good news is that it is you who picks the critical battery level.

Endurance can help you use less power without significantly affecting your machine’s performance. For instance, it turns off processor Turbo mode, to reduce consumption. Moreover, it can gradually lower your screen’s brightness level, which helps your eyes adapt more easily. In the background, it can hide apps that are not necessary at the moment.

There are a few things Endurance is still missing. In this regard, it would be nice if it allowed you to select the apps you want to turn off in Save Power mode. Likewise, it could let the user decide the minimum level of screen brightness. more

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  • Integrates perfectly with the system
  • Unobtrusive
  • Lets you pick the critical battery level
  • Dims screen brightness gradually
  • Turns off Turbo Mode


  • Lacks some customization, like manually selecting the apps to turn off or setting the minimum level of screen brightness


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