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A macOS client that connects to the Internet securely through a VPN.
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Encrypt.me is a macOS client that lets you connect to the Internet securely through a VPN. The application is quite easy-to-use and there is no possible complication even if it is your first time. In this regard, a push of a button can connect you to the anonymous network. And by doing this, you can start browsing the Internet anonymously and bypassing various types of IP-based restrictions.

However, the real value of such an application comes from that of the services behind it. So, let us see what the Encrypt.me has to offer. First, it is good to know that it has an extensive network of services spread through all geographical areas. Yet, unfortunately, it seems it can be detected and blocked by Netflix.

It is quite convenient that Encrypt.me has an auto-secure feature, which can automatically activate the VPN connection whenever you connect to an unknown network, such as a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Technically speaking, Encrypt.me’s macOS client uses the OpenVPN protocol with a strong configuration that combines an AES-256-CBC cipher with SHA256 data authentication. Unluckily, the lack of a kill switch leaves a window open to possible data leaking.

Another aspect to consider is how well your privacy is preserved. In this regard, Encrypt.me admits that they keep logs of various types of connection data. Moreover, its being based in the U.S. constitutes an additional risk of your data ending in the hands of the American government. more

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  • Wide network of servers
  • Auto secure
  • Uses the OpenVPN protocol with a strong configuration


  • Can be blocked by Netflix
  • No kill switch
  • Risk of your private data being disclosed to third parties


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