EditRocket 4.5

A source code editor, text editor and application development tool.

EditRocket is intended to help application developers who need to create, edit, debug and navigate source code. In this respect, the application is ideal not only for creating applications but websites as well. In addition, it can be used to edit any kind of text.

The application’s interface is as straightforward as a tool of its type can be. However, it may need some retouches here and there, particularly in the Settings window. It is great that it allows working on various projects at the same time thanks to the use of tabs. Besides, there are navigation panels to help you find needed resources.

It is necessary to point out that several coding languages, such as C, JSP, C++, CSS Perl. HTML, PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript, COBOL, SQL and C#, are supported. Not only that, there are lots of documentation available, should you need it.

The editor comes with various features intended to boost your productivity. In this regard, you do not need to start from total scratch, as there are templates for various languages. You can also automate recurrent tasks through macros. Moreover, there are wizards that help you generate the code necessary to implement several types of elements, including tables, buttons and pictures. Additionally, you can use sidekicks to import supported forms, variables and expressions. What is more, the application comes with features common to most modern code editors, such as syntax highlighting, automatic code completion, and spell checker.

Not only can this tool help you gain productivity but write error-free code as well. For instance, it is excellent that it supports IntelliSense to reduce the possibility of making errors. Likewise, it has validators for XML, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Besides, you can integrate the tool with your favorite browser to preview your work.

One of the best advantages of EditRocket is that is has a built-in browser, which comes in handy for analyzing projects. In addition to browsing local folders, the browser also lets you connect to SFTP and FTP servers, which is essential for updating a website or sharing code with other people working on the same project. It supports such common operations as creating, moving, renaming, copying and deleting files. Moreover, it has a powerful search utility that can find a given text on not only the opened documents but also the entire folder system. Not only that, it also allows you to compare files.

All in all, EditRocket can help you work on different types of projects. It comes with several features that allow you to write code more effectively and save you from unnecessary efforts. There are versions of this product for most operating systems, so you can switch from one to another without noticing the difference. However, it has been subject of criticism for not being a native macOS application.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports a long list of coding languages
  • Allows starting from templates
  • Supports autocompletion and syntax highlighting
  • Supports IntelliSense
  • Built-in browser


  • The interface may need a few retouches
  • Not a native macOS application (Java)
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