Duplifinder 2.1

It can help you identify and remove duplicates of photos/videos from iPhoto.
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Duplifinder is a utility that can help you identify and remove duplicates of photos and videos that you have collected in your iPhoto Library.
It is an easy-to-use application with few commands to choose from. The basic tasks it will perform are to scan iPhoto for duplicates, reveal the identified ones in iPhoto or move them to its Trash. When performing the scan, the utility will ask for permission to close iPhoto. After having made the scan, which is a fast process, the pictures will be displayed with each original being grouped with its duplicates. The number of items of the same kind will be shown for each group. In the lower side of the window, the total number of duplicate items will be displayed. A zoom-in/zoom-out bar allows you to take a look at the images individually or in several groups in the same window. Items can be moved to the Trash individually or all at once, by using the "move all duplicates to iPhoto Trash" button. It must be noted that only exact duplicates will be identified. This means that photos that have the same name will be found, but not photos that are basically the same but differ in size, extension or have suffered slight modifications compared with the original.
Duplifinder is an application that can ease the process of managing your photos and videos that appear along with copies of them in the iPhoto Library.

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  • It will find duplicates of photos/videos that are present in iPhoto, so that they can be deleted


  • Duplicates are recognized by name, do not expect for pictures to be identified as similar given their content
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