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Organize your music collection by updating, fixing, or downloading song tags.
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Jaikoz can help you organize your music collection by updating, fixing, or downloading song tags. In this respect, it is great that it can retrieve the necessary information from MusicBrainz and Discogs, two huge online music databases. Likewise, the tool fortunately supports tagging not only MP3 files but also MP4, M4A, M4P, WMA, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, DSF AND OGG, a list that includes practically every taggable music format.

Jaikoz has an intuitive interface, although, in my opinion, it looks a little updated and lacks the liveliness that should characterize an application meant for entertainment. It lets you scan your music folders and create a list of the tracks there, which is shown in the form of a table.

You can choose to edit some metadata manually if you want to, but it is probably a better idea to let the tool find the right info for you. In this regard, it is excellent that Jaikoz can not only download tags but also artwork. Luckily, the application does not depend solely on a song’s existing metadata to find the missing information as it supports using its Acoustic ID for an accurate identification as well.

One of the advantages of Jaikoz is that it is multiplatform; however, this brings along a problem: it is Java-based, and as such, it may get slow at times.

All in all, the possibility to tag your music using a combination of such different methods as manual editing, retrieving info from online databases and matching acoustic IDs, makes Jaikoz quite an accurate solution for working with bulks of audio files. The product is shareware, which means you try it for free and see if it works for you - an opportunity you should definitely take.

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  • Fixes song metadata automatically
  • Supports two major music databases
  • Retrieves not only tags but artwork as well
  • Supports multiple audio formats


  • Unattractive interface
  • Being a Java apps makes it slow at times
  • Does not support WAV format


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