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Free It organizes files and folders into content-related categories.
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Oudoc is a file manager that offers to organize files and folders into specific categories. With this application, all your documents and important data will be located in one place, so that you won't need to browse your entire computer to find them.

Using the application requires you to follow a few easy steps. First, you need to drag an existing file or folder onto the tool's icon placed in Dock. Consequently, the program's main window opens up, letting you select the content-related section where to store your file or folder. There are three predefined organizing modules to store your data into. They bear suggestive, yet rather general names, such as "Life", "Work", and "Library". Unfortunately, you can't rename the modules differently, nor you can add custom sections. However, you can create subfolders within the "Library" section and organize the files and folders according to your own criteria. Once you decide upon the section to store your data into, the selected file or directory will leave its former location and will be moved into the new directory. This way, all the files or folders falling within the same category will be placed in the same location. Each time you create a new file/folder, the app will open automatically, asking you to select the section where to save the item.

The program is meant to help you store and locate your files and folders easily. Yet, I consider it quite inflexible and stiff – you can always create your own storage sections to better suit your needs. In addition, the interface has a rather dull and unattractive appearance.

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  • Organizes files and folders into content-related sections
  • Stores files and folders into the same location
  • Moves multiple items at once
  • Saves webpages as files


  • Unattractive interface
  • Inability to create custom sections
  • No search filters



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