DropSync 2.4

DropSync efficiently updates folders from one computer to another, or from a...

DropSync efficiently syncs folders from one computer to another, or from a computer to a hard drive. It's seriously fast, works with removable hard drives, other computers on local networks and even remote computers using SSH.
- Automated (one-way) syncing when a file changes in the source folder
- Detailed searchable previews
- Fine grained control over purging of deleted files (choose direction and folder)
- An sftp based browser that lets you see and select folders on remote computers
- Browsable history of syncing activity, including detailed logs of every change
- Only transfers the parts of files that have changed for maximum speed over a network
- AppleScript support lets you create custom syncing workflows
- Support for custom syncing engine (rsync) options
Ideal for:
- Updating on-the-go documents to a USB stick
- Mirroring a website from a remote host to your local computer or vice-versa
- Web development. Edit files locally and have them automatically and efficiently uploaded to a server
- Duplicating files like photos, music and websites to a second computer or external hard drive.
- Backing up files to a remote server. Works with any server that supports ssh and rsync.
- Scientific applications involving large amounts of frequently updated data. Under the hood, DropSync uses an industrial-strength syncing engine (rsync), which means that it is both fast and reliable. It works by updating only the parts of files that have changed between source and destination. This makes it particularly suited to syncing over a network because the amount of data that needs to be transferred is minimised.

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