DropSync 3.1

Synchronize and back up the contents of local, networked, and online folders.

DropSync is intended to synchronize or backup files. In my opinion, what makes DropSync special is its interface. I have to say that I had never tried a data synchronizer as easy to use as this one. All you need to do is to establish a sync pair and then drag and drop the desired folders onto the allotted spaces. Then, also, there is a file browser which allows you to compare their contents. What is more, the tool lets you preview changes.

DropSync supports practically any type of locations, including not only local folders but also USB drives, networked folders and even remote directories. It is excellent news that it supports performing incremental backups, which minimizes the amount of data to transfer. Moreover, you can restrict the files to copy by setting filters.

Another advantage of DropSync is that it helps you automate some operations. For example, it can monitor folders for changes or repeat some tasks periodically. Still, in terms of scheduling sync jobs, the tool is not as versatile as other similar products.

In general, DropSync does a good job in synchronizing folder contents. Luckily, the tool can be tried without limitations in its features, except that the number of synchronizations is restricted to 30.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Various types of synchronizations and backups
  • Supports multiple types of locations
  • Automatically monitors changes in contents of the selected folders
  • Allows previewing changes
  • Supports automating operations
  • Allows using exclusion filters


  • Does not provide many scheduling options
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