DopeWars (Classic) 5.3

Test your ability to "deal" with sticky situations.
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DopeWars for the Mac is based on the popular '80s game, Dope Wars (DOS), which itself is based on the original game, Drug Wars. In DopeWars, you must make your money by buying and selling a variety of drugs, while avoiding various hazards, such as cops and muggers. DopeWars gives you a choice of making your mark in one of five cities: New York, Los Angeles, London, Derby, and Sydney. Once you choose your city, you start with $2,000 in your trenchcoat and $5,500 in debt. You must travel among the city's six neighborhoods, trying to buy and sell a changing variety of drugs. You'll want to pay off your debt early, as the interest grows quickly, and then see how much of a profit you can make before the end of the month (game time), when the game ends. Get enough cash, and you'll have the opportunity to purchase a gun or an overcoat with extra pockets.
Users who pay the 5 dollar registration fee will be able to compete in 15 and 60 day modes. Non-registered users can still play for the more popular 30 and 90 day periods.



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