Domain Manager

Domain Manager 1.1

A tool for organizing your domain names and hosting plans.
1.1.2 (See all)

Domain Manager is an application designed to organize your domain names, hosting plans, and many other related things. You can enter records of domains, hosting plans, domain/hosting providers and domain owners/subscriber’s in the application’s database. You can also link them to one another, so it is immediately obvious which domain is owned by who, which hosting plan is subscribed by who, when do they expire, which company provides the domain or the hosting service and so on and so forth. You can also enter the price of each domain and hosting plan in case you want to track the related financial part as well.

If you let Domain Manager access your calendar, it can also create events to remind you when your domains and hosting plans expire. You can also create tags with custom names and color that you can then assign to any domain, hosting plan, owner or provider in case you would like to create your own classification system. The application also makes it easy to filter your entries based on tags, owners, providers, etc.

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