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Dolphins 3D Lite 1.1

Dolphins 3D Lite is an animated wallpaper and screensaver.
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Dolphins 3D Lite is an animated wallpaper and screensaver. When running, the application switches your wallpaper for an animated image of the sea with dolphins going about their business and staring at you once in a while. There are only a few dolphins on the screen at any given time.

When running, Dolphins 3D Lite shows a dock icon and a Menubar menu. From the Menu, you can activate the Screensaver mode, hide the wallpaper or go into the Preferences window. From there, you can change a few things. For example, you can activate sounds for the wallpaper mode. By default, those are disabled and sounds will only play when the application is running in screensaver mode. You can also change the quality of the ocean floor. There are only two settings: Low or Off. Antialiasing can also be enabled, and the volume of the sounds can be customized. The last option lets you determine when the screensaver will start by itself, the options are 3, 5, 15, and 30 minutes, 1 and 2 hours, or never.

The full version of the app can render up to 18 dolphins on the screen simultaneously, gives you more choices for the graphics quality of the app, shows coral fish, and has a music track.

José Fernández
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  • Wallpaper and screensaver modes


  • Limited settings
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